Author: Joao Ferreira


A café racer is a customized lightweight and powerful motorcycle that there is built for speed rather than comfort. These bikes are usually built based on an existing model and are designed to keep the rider leaning forward and tucked in as close to the body of the bike as possible.


In addition to the light weight and tuned engine the most common modifications made to create a cafe racer are:

1.Clip on Handlebars – This mode enabled the rider to “tuck in”, reducing wind resistance and improving the control of the bike.

2. Single Seat with Cowl – The single seat option is obvious because if we are building a bike for speed rather than comfort it doesn’t make sense to have a two seat bike. The Cowl feature is very important when it comes to café racer, because it serve a purpose of preventing the rider slipping off the back with hard acceleration.

3. Gas TanksThis is maybe the most unnecessary mod when it comes to café racers, because you can always use the stock gas tank, but if you are looking for recreating a 60’s style café racer you should choose a long and slick style gas tank

3. Rear set foot pegsThis should be a must have part for every café racer, the rear set foot pegs and controls can position the driver in a better aerodynamic position.

3. Half or Full Race Style FairingsWe are a fan of fairings when it comes to café racers, besides the coolness of this part, it also have a very important function when It comes to aerodynamics.


In our opinion a café racer is mainly a matter of taste when it comes to design and it is also a peculiar mix between low style, high speed and aerodynamics.

What are your thoughts? To you what is a café racer?