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It all started a few years ago in a small garage in Europe.

John Hartson, the founder of Cafe Racer Garage is passionate about motorcycles since he was a child, when he turned 14 years old his father gave him an 80’s CB250 and this was the bike that started all of this!

John loved his CB250 but he hated the stock look of his bike, so he started to make some changes on his bike, the first mod was the handlebars he changed the stock handlebar for a clip-on handlebar, that small mod changed completely the look of his small cb250.

But John wanted to make a few more changes to his bike, but he didn’t know from where to start, so he bought a few magazines and that’s where he found the Cafe Racer Style Motorcycles. 

John fell in love with that minimalist look that is so charismatic of cafe racers, so he decided to turn his CB into a Cafe Racer.  

After a few months and a lot of hours spent in his parent’s garage, he has able to transform his bike into a cafe racer.

When we showed his bike to his friends they were amazed at the work John did on his bike, so they asked him to transform his bikes (a CB450, a CB500, and a CB750)  into cafe racers too. John accepted the challenge and did a magnificent job on those motorcycles.

Just one week after he finished his friend’s bike he received a call from a friend of a friend that wanted to make some changes on his bike. John accepted the job, and he was still working on that bike when he received a call from another gentleman who wanted a cafe racer too. 

John realized that he could turn his hobby into a business, and that’s how Cafe Racer Garage was Born!


John was receiving a lot of contacts from people who wanted to transform his bikes into Cafe Racers but they didn’t have enough money to pay someone to do the job, so they were asking John if he could sell just the custom parts, like the seats, fairings, etc.

John accepted this new challenge, so he started to do universal and ready to assemble parts for those who wanted to turn his stock bikes into Cafe Racers.

And this is how the parts business was born!


Cafe Racer Garage is present in 3 different continents, Europe, America (USA), and Asia.

We decided to have warehouses in these 3 different continents so we could be closer to our customers, and be able to lower the shipping costs (at this moment we are proud to offer Free Shipping for everywhere in the World).

We were also able to expand our range of products from just custom parts to protective gear and apparel.

And this is the Story of CAFE RACER GARAGE!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!